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Originally Posted by jginnane View Post
You may be surprised to hear them, a few minutes later, recite the exact same performance stats for the GTR. But that's part of how they can justify a race, for ... "pinks".

Still later, you'll marvel at how they smooth out the aluminum crumples in a trashed Z! I tell you, this is a really good movie for its kind, certainly better than Nicholas Cage's "Drive Angry". But I fell apart the first 3 times I tried to watch this one, and haven't yet seen how they supposedly set up for a sequel in the end credits.

How much is netflix charging for the privilege?
If you have a DVD plan -- I have he three-at-a-time plan -- all streaming is free, or you can pay $8.00 a month for just the streaming. There are no per-video charges.

It's bad, but watchable and the plot is not as recycled as you might expect. It's OK. If you are a stickler for continuity, you'll have a field day.


When the older brother wrecks the 370z in the beginning, the actual scene of the crashed car is of a 350z

They keep referring to the younger brother's car as an "MX-7" -- it's actually an 80s Rx-7 FC, but when he goes to get the nitro, he refers to it as an RX-7

Some of the driving scenes of the RX-7 FC are actually of a 240SX.
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