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Theres a few ways to skin this cat...

Personally I get all the way thru my wash and clay process first, reason being is it needs to be done everywhere on the car and you can easily knock it out in a few hours. When you hit that point you can then start to break it into segments. On lighter colors I do recommend a secondary wash after claying rather than letting the residue sit for too long. It won't harm anything, but there have been cases where the DS becomes a bit of a chore to remove on white or silver if its sat a few days undisturbed, plus that residue will give dust and stuff something to stick too over the 'downtime'

So in a roundabout way, the point I'm getting at:

Wash, Clay, Rewash, then Dry.

From that point you can polish one panel at a time until you're satisfied, then move to the next panel, until you finish the car.
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