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Fred@ReverseLogic 11-27-2010 07:39 AM

DIY Tip - Positioning Race Ramps Roll Ups
If you are planning to use Race Ramps Roll Ups along with the 56" or 67" Race Ramps service ramps, you may find this tip helpful.

Since the distance from the trailing edge (the lowest edge) of the ramp to the center of the ramp platform is not the same on the Roll Ups as it is on the primary ramps, you can't just position the Roll Ups against the rear tires. If you did, you would roll off the Roll Ups before you got to the top of the primary ramps.

But since the distance from the leading edge of both the ramps and the Roll Ups to the center of the platform is about the same, you can set the initial position of the Roll Ups as follows:

1) Measure the wheelbase of your car. In the case of the 370z this number is about 100".

2) Subtract the overall length of the primary ramps from the wheel base. 100" - 67" = 33" or 100" - 56" = 44".

3) Position the leading edge of the Roll Ups behind the trailing edge of the primary ramps separated by the distance calculated in step 2 above. This distance will have to be adjusted for the 2-stage incline ramps which will be either 65" or 80" long.

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