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Fred@ReverseLogic 11-22-2010 07:38 AM

Drawings for 2-piece, 2-stage incline Race Ramps
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Here are two drawings with the dimensions of the new ramps. We expect some minor changes before the ramps go into production in December. But, the incline portion of the ramp will not change. The angle numbers on the drawing are rounded. The actual angles are 6.8 degrees and 10.75 degrees.

The width of the RLL-80-2 ramps is 14" and the width of the RLL-65-2 ramps is 12". The height of the RLL-65-2 ramp at the point where the angle changes from 6.8 to 10.75 degrees is about 3.3". This point is 25" from the leading edge of the ramp. The height of the RLL-80-2 ramp at the point where the incline rate changes is about 5". This is 38" from the start of the ramp.

Fred@ReverseLogic 12-15-2010 08:10 PM

2-pc, 2-stage incline ramps not available until 2011
Spoke with the factory today and learned that the new RLL-87-2 and RLL-72-2 ramps won't be available before January. We have been taking deposits for the ramps and will have some for photos as soon as they come off the production line.

Fred@ReverseLogic 01-12-2011 07:35 PM

Final dimensions for RLL-87-2 Two-Stage Incline Race Ramps
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I now have a final dimensions for the RLL-87-2 two-piece, two-stage incline Race Ramps. For those familiar with the Race Ramps product line, this new design is essentially an RR-XT-2 67" two-piece Race Ramp with an integrated RR-EX-14 XTender.

The overall length of the ramps is 87". The platform section is 30" long and the incline section is 63" long including the 6" interlock. The ramps are 10" high and 14" wide just like the standard RR-XT-2 product. The approach angle is just 6.8 degrees compared to 10.7 degrees on the standard RR-XT-2. The stop at the top of the ramp has been reduced from 3" to 2" high.

If you have 3.5" of ground clearance 24" in front of your front tire foot print, then the RLL-87-2 ramps will fit under your car. You need about 5" of clearance at 24" to use the RR-XT-2 67" ramps.

I expect to be shipping the RR-87-2 ramps within the next two weeks. I will post specs for the 8" high version of the ramps later this week.

The ramps I previously referenced as RLL-80-2 will not make it into production.

Endgame 02-02-2011 09:58 AM

How much are these ramps? Nice design...

Fred@ReverseLogic 02-03-2011 06:47 AM

Pricing for RLL-87-2 ramps
The price for the RLL-87-2 ramps is $415/pair including shipping to any destination in the 48 Continental States. The ramps are packaged in two cartons, since one carton would have to be over 7' long and incur a $50 shipping surcharge. No oversize surcharge is imposed, but, the nearly $70 shipping cost on the two cartons is calculated with a dimensional weight formula because the ramps are light weight for their size.

We also offer an RLL-72-2 ramp which is 72" long and 8" high. The approach angle on the RLL-72-2 and RLL-87-2 is the same 6.8 degrees. The RLL-72-2 ramps are short enough to be shipped in a single carton. We started drop shipping the ramps from the factory in Escanaba, MI on 28-Jan-2011.

The two-stage incline ramps are not a standard Race Ramps product so 7 to 14 days processing time is required in addition to the normal 1 to 5 day shipping time.

Reverse Logic is the only Race Ramps reseller currently offering the two-stage incline ramps which can be ordered at


Originally Posted by Endgame (Post 922805)
How much are these ramps? Nice design...

Fred@ReverseLogic 03-05-2011 07:49 AM

Updated drawing of RLL-72-2 and RLL-87-2 Race Ramps
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Heres an updated drawing that includes dimensions for the 8" high and 10" high 2-piece, 2-stage incline Race Ramps. Delivered prices are $305 and $415 respectively.

The 10" high RLL-87-2 ramps have an available Trailer Ramp Adapter that converts the incline section of the ramp into a Trailer Ramp that can be used to supplement the trailer supplied ramps reducing the approach angle.

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