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Wuero370z 06-12-2019 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by bunk (Post 3860247)
I doubt someone would consider selling to this dude. How are you gonna ask if anyone has a kit their selling, but you dont want their "Trash" component?

"Hey Sway, can you please sell me your used car because I cant afford a new one? BUT the wheels on it SUCKS, and the custom paint just looks like SHHT!"

:eek: :shakes head:

Hi bunk. Please leave the post. I just want a turbo kit. Iíve already had dad lecture me about my attitude. And besides, anyone selling a kit would sell to me gladly because of the magic thing called money..... most people donít care about one minute comment that seems to have sent you over the edge. I obviously have a good attitude because I can communicate with everyone else just fine. You are not needed or wanted here. Idk why you adults have to lecture me like Iím not one... I know what I said. I know what impact it had. Leave me alone itís so annoying. Iím buying a turbo kit not trying to argue with you guys. Please, you are adding gas to a flame I started and am trying to put out. Go away.

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Wuero370z 06-12-2019 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by BettyZ (Post 3860266)
Exactly. Kid, here's what you gotta do: Buy the most expensive kit you can on your credit card. Pay for the install on your cc too. Then sell the Z to your parents for $1.00 and declare personal bankruptcy. The banks will never figure it out and the bankruptcy will be off your credit history in 7 months.

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LOL I like you

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Wuero370z 06-12-2019 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by Ghostvette (Post 3860240)


I honestly donít know what this means.... I know itís not nice but if you could tell me thatíd be great

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Wuero370z 06-12-2019 05:04 PM

ISO turbo kit

Originally Posted by Sway (Post 3860245)
Lol, I wouldnít have ďtrolled youĒ if you didnít post with a sh*tty disrespectful attitude, and replied with an even worse one. Iíll stop now, I donít want to make you cry.

Finish your degree, I love my engineering degree, made a world of difference. Donít give up, always further educate yourself. Good luck finding a turbo kit, remember you always attract more bees with honey. :)

Ok. Just next time, let MY attitude and MY words do the action. If people are differed from my post because of it, so be it. Anyone selling a kit that was willing to sell to such a horrible person like me, would realize Iím very to the point and easy to deal with. I included the initial remark about not wanting anyone trash fuel kit as a joke and as a way of saying I didnít want a fuel kit. No one selling a kit wouldíve been offended or hurt because I didnít direct it at anyone. It was a very general, vague comment. But as soon as I saw it pissed some of you off, you all hop on each others cocks and start riding. Thatís cool. Iíll be here, enough money to buy everything brand spanking new, patiently waiting for a good deal. I have been for the last year... and now I sadly have to make a new thread because this was ruined by you. If you think it was not because of you, youíre wrong. Someone selling a kit couldíve ignored the post. Just like you couldíve. Just like I couldíve ignored your reply. Alas we are here.

As for my degree Iím a semester away so yea Iím finishing it. Yes Iím 20 about to have my bachelors. Not as stupid as you all are calling me. I was so mad after your initial reply which is my my ďnasti-tudeĒ came out. I didnít need any of this on a day where I was hoping to find a turbo kit. Regarding the degree I can see yours obviously paid off with a mod list like that.... impressive build I was just giving **** OBVIOUSLY. You guys are so smart on these forums, but you canít just leave stuff alone that has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU (this is for bunk). Yes yes honey and bees all very common sense. If I wanted to type out a novel and make a beautiful post I wouldíve. It was impromptu and just came to mind. Iím very well educated although it seems most of you think otherwise, so no need for your honey and bees analogy. You have attracted all the wasps to this post so Iíll make a new one all nice and pretty for you ******* haters out there

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Rusty 06-12-2019 06:52 PM

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Talk about entertainment. :rofl2:

Wu, things would have been better if you never used the word "trashed". If you would have used another word instead of trashed. You would have better replies. That was like putting a match to a jar of gasoline. :rofl2: Remember, this is an internet forum. You are dealing with people of different age groups and experience. You have a lot to learn about people. Hopefully you will learn, before someone gives you a dirt nap. If you are serous about looking for things. You have to change the tone of your posts. If not. This will happen over and over with no results.

What are you majoring in? I've got 3 degrees. Mechanical Engineering, Welding Engineering, and Criminal Justice.

And I. B. T. L.

Rusty 06-12-2019 06:53 PM

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.......................oh, one more thing.....................

-ZS-Carpenter 06-12-2019 08:10 PM


Originally Posted by Rusty (Post 3860304)
.......................oh, one more thing.....................

Ohhhh..That's why we get along so well :happydance:


Rusty 06-12-2019 08:24 PM

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Originally Posted by -ZS-Carpenter (Post 3860322)
Ohhhh..That's why we get along so well :happydance:



Trips 06-12-2019 09:42 PM


Please take some time to analyze what went wrong here!

Your attitude completely rubbed alot of very respectful helpful members the wrong way.

This an example on how NOT TO CONDUCT yourself when asking for help.

I can only hope moving forward your more respectful and conduct yourself more maturely.

In the past we've had some good examples of 18yr members asking for help and responding to other members in a respectful manner.

I get it and I try not to judge so Please take this as a warning and try to avoid making any future threads turn into train wrecks

To everyone else simply refrain from the attacking of another member

It doesn't matter how bad they deserve it.

Please follow Forum rules and use the report button.

Thanks Guys!

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