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zcoupe09 12-21-2009 01:53 AM

WTB: Winter snow tires or winter rims/tires
Looking for a winter set-up...either winter tires to put on my stock 18's or a cheap rim/tire set up. Right now my Z is my DD unfortunately so i need a set-up ASAP. thanks guys

schrute 12-21-2009 04:10 AM

If you have a spare set of stock 18's seems like a no-brainer to me. Slap some blizzaks on em and call it good.

Blizzak LM-25 (closeouts) and LM-60 (new model) are avaliable in stock sizes. Most guys here go with 225/50-18 all around. I kept the stagger with 225/50 front, 245/45 rear.

AK's setup

My setup

zcoupe09 12-21-2009 04:06 PM

thanks i appreciate it...where do u think the best place to purchase those would be?

schrute 12-21-2009 09:17 PM has good prices. The LM-25's I bought a few months ago were on closeout at Tire Rack and my local Big-O Tire matched tire rack's price.

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