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kona180 12-03-2016 03:23 PM

Evo-R rear diffuser
Brand new! I'm only selling it due to deciding to wrap my OEM diffuser. Paid $250 for it but willing to sell for $200. And I know I'm new here, so a lot of people are going to be suspect with my post, but the diffuser is currently over at Royal Speed Shop in Laguna Hills, so if you're not comfortable with contacting me directly, you can hit up Anthony over at Royal. But please feel free to shoot me a text or call with any questions. Thanks and happy holidays! - Glenn 562-858-3051

Miguel23 12-04-2016 02:30 AM

Carbon fiber?

kona180 12-04-2016 12:56 PM

Not Carbon Fiber, sorry, it's FRP, I should've mentioned that in the post. And I noticed my pic didn't come through, was having trouble uploading it, but anyone interested, please feel free to shoot me a text and I can send some over.

kona180 12-04-2016 01:12 PM

Okay guys, I think I've finally figured it out! :rofl2:

iCydia 01-12-2017 09:49 AM

Is it still up for sale?

JC-Nismo 01-12-2017 10:02 AM


Trips 01-12-2017 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by kona180 (Post 3585823)

Okay guys, I think I've finally figured it out! :rofl2:

Fixed your post and made the shared album pic "public" ;)

You set it for "private" which only friends or mods could see


kona180 01-12-2017 12:01 PM

Trips, thanks for taking care of that! And iCydia, yes, it's still available.

iCydia 01-12-2017 04:27 PM

Texted you

NM370Z 01-12-2017 06:28 PM

Is this still Available, just PM'd you - ready to purchase

kona180 01-13-2017 07:02 PM

Just replied to you NM370Z, sorry for the late response

krishdes 01-17-2017 08:38 AM

still for sale?

kona180 01-18-2017 01:39 AM

krishdes, sorry for the late response. I have 2 guys ahead of you that are interested. The only reason it's not gone yet is due to it being at my buddys shop, and he's out of the country until the 24th, so I have to wait til he gets back before I can get my hands on it. I'll update the post once it's gone though and also let you know if the other 2 back out. Thanks

NRGz 01-18-2017 01:29 PM

Just curious.. are these rear diffusers a bolt on and replace or do they cover the oem ones?

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Jorbes13 01-20-2017 04:11 PM

I'm interested, have paypal ready

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