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viiv 10-07-2020 12:21 PM

Japanese Model Quirks
I came across some interesting info about the Japanese model Z's sold in Japan and I thought I would share.

1. The base model in Japan comes with no stereo whatsoever. They don't even bother with the basic Clarion head unit that comes in the global models. It's disappointing though that they don't include any steering wheel audio controls for a future head unit install. It should also be noted that since 2018, base models globally have come with six speakers instead of four, but the Japanese stereo-less base model still comes with four speakers in 2020. However, unlike global models, you can order your base model with just the Navigation and Bose system for $3500.

2. Sharp eyes will notice in that photo that even the base model in Japan comes with the aluminum pedals. Sharp eyes will also notice no cruise control, but that's not because this is a base model. Japanese laws have pretty much prohibited cruise control until only recently with the arrival of autonomous tech.

3. Ever wonder how your Sport Model with the 19" Rays and Akebono brakes will look like without the spoiler? Well in Japan, the spoiler is a discrete option that costs about $800 extra; even the fully loaded Sport Touring model does not have it by default. One of the reasons for this is that in Japan, the Z is strictly a build to order car; dealerships don't keep inventory of them. With the local proximity of the factory, Z's are produced per customer order. Even in Tokyo, a dealership has either no Z's or only just one unit for showroom and demo purposes.



4. Scratch shield

I am not sure if this is applicable to North American Zs. It might be present, but maybe Nissan here isn't marketing it for liability purposes. Anyways this information I have here is applicable to at least 2020 model year cars, not sure how far back its presence on the Z goes, but here is finally some concrete information about it:

For all current colours except Passion Red, scratch shield is applied to all body color painted parts, including the factory rear spoiler.

For Nismo models scratch shield is applied to all body color painted parts, excluding the factory rear spoiler.

For Passion Red models, scratch shield is applied only to the following body panels:
i. Front bumper cover
ii. Rear bumper cover
iii. Rocker panels
iv. A-Pillars
v. Driver and passenger side mirror covers

Scratch shield is a clear coating containing soft resin. It can resolve scratches caused by car washing or other light scratches that don't fully penetrate this clear coating. Similar to the self-healing PPF films, the coating will level itself off while sitting in the sun. The restoration time will vary on the temperature and the depth of scratches.

Interestingly Nissan states that the Scratch Shield will begin to lose its permeability after 5 years, although after this time it may still be effective; it will just take much longer for the coating to resolve and level itself out.

Ventruck 10-08-2020 12:18 AM

with our paint it would've been nice to have scratch shield...

But generally speaking as someone in the US who would strongly suggest shopping a used Z 99.9% of the time vs. new....the build-to-order nature in Japan sounds nice.

cv129 10-08-2020 12:30 AM

I know I am in the minority, but I would love factory option for radio and speaker delete.

JARblue 10-08-2020 05:49 AM


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