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xDIEGOx 12-09-2008 12:42 AM

For the Top Gear fans (Every Episode)
NEW Link updated: Watch Top Gear Episodes Online

Every Top Gear episode ---> Top Gear

Top Gear episode list ---> List of Top Gear episodes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Your welcome :tup:

AK370Z 12-09-2008 12:46 AM

Sweet, man! This is going to be stickied! :tup:

xDIEGOx 12-09-2008 12:49 AM


alefcole 12-09-2008 01:35 PM

hessmo rocks............................sticky!!!!!!!!!!, front page!!!!!!!!!!. (too much time spent at

sensi09 12-09-2008 04:29 PM

Heesmo is good, but for another alternative, there's - Top Gear Season 12

Slidefox 12-09-2008 05:05 PM


Namir 12-30-2008 01:34 PM

Nice find. I usually just torrent them via
Finalgear also has torrents for Fifth Gear and Top Gear Australia

xDIEGOx 01-07-2009 08:57 PM

I've almost watched all the seasons. Only have 3 left :tup:

The Geek 01-07-2009 10:56 PM

Thanks, favorite show.

xDIEGOx 01-07-2009 11:31 PM


18rgcelica73 01-16-2009 12:37 PM

By the way what channel on direct tv dish net work is this show on? I am in Fresno, California.

xDIEGOx 01-16-2009 01:23 PM

^ It's should be on BBC. But the newest episodes they have are over a year old. I don't know why though.

18rgcelica73 01-16-2009 02:37 PM

Ok well hopefully I can get them.

MaximumPwr 01-16-2009 03:27 PM

Awesome find and post diago. Thanks. I always wondered if there was a website out there that just had them posted and easy to view without downloading anything.Thanks again.

370z 01-16-2009 04:56 PM

Good lookin out man... :tiphat:

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