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Togo 09-27-2010 12:49 PM

It's been a long while since I've been on the forum but these past few months have been quite demanding and stressful and have consumed much of my time. However, I'd still like to share my experience with Joe Clem and Koeppel Nissan.

In early July, I decided to take the plunge and purchase my Z. I had been holding off for a particular career offer to show up, which was just a matter of time, before I purchased my Z but after a wait of 2 years I decided to just purchase the Z before hand. So in July I went out to Koeppel Nissan to speak to Joe and see what he could do for me. I had already told him through our email exchanges what I wanted to purchase and he immediately got back to me and began pricing everything out. When I came in we sat down and reviewed everything I was looking for on the car. I left that day with and order placed for a brand new 2011 370Z. The process was completely painless. I never had to go back and forth over a price. I was given an amazing, no bullshit price up front that one could have spent hours arguing for with another dealership just to attain (if it were even attainable and I seriously doubt it would have been else where). On top of that, Joe offered me an amazing price for my current vehicle. (I've come to find that Joe was willing to do on average 35-50% MORE for my trade-in than I've been quoted elsewhere.)

Unfortunately, 30 days later, I was laid off as my company struggled to keep their head above water. I informed Joe of my situation and that I may not be able to purchase the car in the end. He assured me it wouldn't be a problem and that if I gained employment and was able to purchase then great and if not we'd just go it again at a later date. He also went one step further and did something I never expected. Joe searched the dealerships nearest me (as Joe is over an hour away) that had the highest sales in the area and called to see which of them were hiring sales personnel (I have prior sales experience) and gave himself as a personal reference for me to attain employment selling vehicles in their showrooms. This blew me away and being as I'm also on the forum he knew he'd be creating competition on the forum in the northeast for sales, yet he did it anyway!

In the end, I gained employment but due to recent changes in my life over the past month and a half it's just not in my best interest to have a Z at this time. However, when the time comes to purchase an additional toy I know exactly where I'll be taking my business!

I'd like to thank Joe again for his time. He was the absolute best sales man I've had the pleasure of dealing with. He was nothing but polite, professional, and respectful throughout the entire process. He kept me in the loop every step of the way. I appreciate everything he did for me and I cannot speak more highly of him and have recommended him and will continue to recommend him to anyone I come across. He is more than a sales man, he's a friend. He is an amazing benefit to this entire community and we're lucky to have dealers like this on the forum.

To anyone in the Northeast area, it is to your benefit to visit Joe first. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.


koeppelnissan 10-04-2010 12:01 PM

Thanks Joey! good luck with everything, I'm still gonna order that car we built together!

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