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GTMat 08-19-2012 02:39 PM

GTMat Automotive Sound Deadening!!
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GTMAT Automotive Sound Dampening is a discount alternative to leading sound deadener brands, with prices at nearly half the cost of Dynamat Xtreme! Checkout our prices and see how we compare to other name brands:
GTMAT Automotive Sound Deadener Dampening Dynamat/Fatmat Alternative

GTMAT Features

Impressive Bass Improvement
Nominal 50/80 Mil Thick
4 Mil Aluminum Shield
High-Temp Superior Adhesion
Kill Unwanted Noise, Rattles, Vibrations
Reduce Distortion
Reduce Exhaust and Engine Noise
Easy Application
Flexible, Plyable, Malleable
Overlap Layers for Additional Vibration Dampening
Use Anywhere - Doors, Trunks, Side Panels, Hoods, Roofs, Firewalls, Floors
Paintable Surface
Patented Rubberized Compound
Durable, Waterproof, Permanent
Adheres to Most Any Surface Instantly
Sound AND Heat Insulation
Massive DB & SPL Gains
Low Cost Solution
Tested, Proven, Guaranteed
Toll Free Support 1-855-GT-SOUND

Why Choose GTMAT ?
-100% Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Product Warranty
Same Day Shipping

-Toll Free Phone Support : 1-800-GT-SOUND

-Everything Is In Stock, Ready to Ship

-All Products Are Insured For Delivery

-PayPal Verified

-THE Best Sound Deadener Value on The Market Today

wsarver 11-12-2015 12:33 PM

Your mailbox is full....
I'm looking to quiet down the 370 almost as much as possible. I know when I add test pipes my fiance will be less than pleased. What's the best way to go about quieting it down and I think i want to do the trunk around the rear wheels, under the seats and the doors, and maybe under the foot wells to kill off road noise. What material do you recommend and how much of it? Price to 33558?

pumpgas89 02-15-2017 12:43 AM

just finished with my install, exceptional product guys!

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