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John@Z1 07-23-2014 11:29 AM

Z1 Motorsports: Motordyne ShockWave))) 370 / G37 Exhaust
Motordyne ShockWave))) 370 / G37 Exhaust

The Motordyne ShockWave))).

A True Dual X pipe exhaust system optimized for the highest level of torque and power by using progressively expanding dual 2.5" primary tubes and dual 3.0" exhaust tubing for the best overall power curve.

Includes polished axle-back pipes and two Blue Rolled Titanium tips.

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Motordyne Advanced Resonance Tuning (ART) Test Pipes

ART pipes provide more power than HFC's. Patent Pending ART pipes provide the quietest, smoothest, deepest sound of all aftermarket parts in its class.

They are louder than the stock catalytic converters but they are much quieter than regular test pipes and even quieter than HFC's.

Give your exhaust system the most power and the clearest, deepest, sound with ART pipes!

Not compatible with AWD vehicles.

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Motordyne XYZ Pipe (Exhaust Y-Pipe Section)

The Motordyne XYZ Pipe; available with a Straight Pipe, Resonator, or High Flow Catalytic Converter.

In its development phase, many different primary tube diameters, merge distances and merge angles were all dyno tested. It was found that performance is clearly affected by these variables.

With multiple data points collected, a performance map was generated converging to the combination of best overall performance.

Having modular options of a straight pipe, a resonator or even a catalytic converter the XYZ-pipe allows functional advantages previously not seen in any other Y-pipe. With the supplied V-band clamp, different modules can be easily changed out in minutes.

The XYZ is a fully optimized Y-pipe that offers the best of power, sound and emissions. With interchangeable modules, the Motordyne XYZ is a new evolution of exhaust versatility for the Nissan and Infiniti family.

Straight Pipe

3" Straight pipe section for the least sound deadening / exhaust restriction.


4.5" Glass packed resonator with 3" inlet / outlet for excess noise reduction without losing power benefits of the upgraded Y-Pipe.

High Flow Cat

4" metal substrate High Flow Catalytic converter (HFC) @ 200 CPI, 3" inlet / outlet for those running test pipes with the need to reduce noise and noxious emissions.

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John@Z1 08-04-2014 05:51 PM


andrewbennett 08-04-2014 06:06 PM

Absolute best price shipped to 37130? Thanks man

John@Z1 09-03-2014 09:28 AM


John@Z1 09-05-2014 10:50 AM


nomodsjk 09-05-2014 10:52 AM

I just went from 6 to midnight in my pants! giggity giggity! that exhaust is sexy

jiu_jitz 10-15-2014 04:01 PM

e370 catback shipped to 75010, thanks

Carbon_z 10-16-2014 01:31 PM

Love my exhaust :)

future370zzz 10-16-2014 04:17 PM

e370z exhaust and test pipes shipped to CA 94544 please. also price for just e370z exhaust. Info on availability also please.

charjohnnie 03-20-2015 06:07 PM

Motordyne ShockWave))) 370Z
Are these still available? ? If so price to 92335
Best deal and we'll make a deal

John@Z1 06-15-2015 04:04 PM

One of the best sounding exhaust.

John@Z1 08-28-2015 01:04 PM

Ready ship!

John@Z1 10-02-2015 06:09 PM

John@Z1 10-05-2015 10:31 AM

Ready to Ship!

V1H 10-30-2015 09:42 AM

Hi John, I know that Motordyne is currently working on this: are there any news on the readiness of the full 3" upgrade for us guys running the Shockwave))) who are going to go TT?

Happy Halloween!

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