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KamiSpeed 05-23-2017 02:10 PM

Full Tomei Titanium Exhaust 370Z | Free Shipping *KamiSpeed*

Looking for one of the best sounding exhaust setups for your 370Z? Tomei has you covered. We are one of the biggest South East Dealers of Tomei in the US so you know our prices cannot be beat!

Why Buy from Kamispeed:

- 100% Genuine Products
- USA Based company.
- Points Reward program.
- If part comes delivered defective we will cover everything. The parts + shipping.
- We also have a 30 day return policy on unopened/unused items, minus shipping.

Tomei Expreme Ti - Full Titanium Muffler Exhaust - Nissan 370Z | $959.99

This exhaust is made of full titanium so it is very light and has a very distinct and exotic sound which you cannot get from a stainless steel option. The piping is 80mm and the single burnt tip is 115mm.

If you are looking to drop the weight of your 370Z then this definitely fits the bill. It only weighs 12.5lbs! Which sheds almost 42lbs off your stock system!

This exhaust is full bolt-on and requires no modification. Since this is only the rear section it does bolt up to your factory y-pipe.

Tomei Expreme Ti - Full Titanium Mid Y Pipe - Nissan 370Z | $655.50

This piece in conjunction with the first piece posted completes a Full Titanium Tomei Cat-Back exhaust system. Instead of using your stock heavy y-pipe, trade it out with this titanium counterpart and you save almost 13lbs! It also increases power and torque throughout the entire powerband.

The Tomei Titanium Y-Pipes diameter is 60.5mm from the test pipes to a 76.3mm pipe which connects to the rear portion of the Tomei exhaust.

Tomei Expreme Ti - Titanium Straight Pipes - Nissan 370Z | $655.50

Do you want to make your Tomei setup even louder?! Go with these free flowing Titanium test pipes from Tomei. They are over 20lbs lighter than stock and completely get ride of your catalytic converters. The piping is 60.5mm straight through.

*If you live in a CARB legal State, you will be required to sign a form stating you will only use this item for race purposes.

Phone #: 407-352-7024
Email :
Hours : 10am-6pm EST M-F
Instagram : @kamispeed

littlejuanito 05-23-2017 02:20 PM

Can two of these be installed instead of one?

KamiSpeed 05-23-2017 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by littlejuanito (Post 3656124)
Can two of these be installed instead of one?

Not without some fabrication. And working with titanium is not the easiest.

KamiSpeed 07-19-2017 11:25 AM

bump bump

KamiSpeed 07-21-2017 07:07 PM


KamiSpeed 07-26-2017 04:53 PM

July is almost over!! Hit me up for the best pricing this Tomei exhaust!

KamiSpeed 08-04-2017 04:25 PM

Happy Friday the370Z!!

KamiSpeed 08-21-2017 04:53 PM

Tomei anyone?! This has got to be one of the best sounding exhaust for the Z.

KamiSpeed 08-23-2017 03:39 PM


KamiSpeed 08-28-2017 06:08 PM


KamiSpeed 08-29-2017 05:13 PM


Mike_O_Nite 08-30-2017 12:19 AM

Had this exhaust in my '11 WRX and it was awesome...cold starts were nuts!

Just got a '17 Z and this is very tempting!

Free bump while I decide :)

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brianx42 09-03-2017 12:23 PM

promotion still going on?

KamiSpeed 09-06-2017 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by brianx42 (Post 3690390)
promotion still going on?

Thanks for the order :hello:

KamiSpeed 09-12-2017 04:40 PM

bump bump

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