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rxdo 01-12-2012 09:24 PM

royal purple
So I did my first oil change today, and the 2012 oil cooler is kind of a pain in the *** as it pushes the factory oil filter closer to the sway bar :shakes head: anyway, i changed the oil filter with a royal purple, and added about 5.25q of pure unicorn blood. Does anyone have any thoughts on the royal purple oil filter, it actually looked a little smaller than the factory one that I took off?

MattP725 01-13-2012 10:58 AM

I know in the 2009-2011, a big complaint was how small the oil filter was... most people use PureOne filters (and I believe GTR filters) just because they are a bit bigger. Point being, I'm not sure I'd want to run something even smaller.. unless of course 2012 uses a different filter. In that case you might actually have a 2009-2011 filter, hence why it is smaller.

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