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AK370Z 06-03-2011 04:59 AM

Finally Fully Detailed My 370Z with Porter Cable (AK370Z) 90+ pics inside
First of all, Iíd like to thank Dylan from Adams (also Ashley for placing a 2nd order in a rush and have everything shipped together) and Phil from Detailerís Domain. You guys are great asset to this community and Iím glad to have you guys here. I canít describe how many hours I have spent browsing Adams site (and their forum) or reading/looking at Philís detail threads. Also, Iíd like to specially thank Junkman for his detail videos and answering my pms! Those are awesome videos. I have learned a LOT of technique watching those videos. Thank you.

I have owned my Z for about a two year now (two year anniversary was on March 29th). It has seen days where itís sunny and bright; however it has also seen days where it was snow, salt and slush! Even though I have never paint corrected or used high quality detailing products before, I have always made sure I wasnít putting swirls on my Z. Last two years, I have used touchless car wash and hand washed/waxed (pepboy shelf wax) the car (in summer) but I have ALWAYS wanted to do the job right with a Porter Cable. After two years, 20+ junkman videos, Adams volume 6 and 7 dvd series, and hours of reading at detailing forums etc, I finally was ready to tackle this big task.

I am absolutely novice. This is my first time doing something like this. So, feel free to give me advice or suggestion or simply comment and let me know how I did. I love getting feedback and learn new tips/tricks.

I always take a lot of pictures during my DIY projects. So, below, Iíll just guide you through the picture gallery and use comments below each picture to describe whatís going on. Thank you for you patience :tup:

Lets start with some BEFORE pics. Car may NOT look filthy, but it hasnít been hand washed in 5 months! :eek:
Look at the dirt!

AK370Z 06-03-2011 05:02 AM
Hereís my detailing collection. Most items are from Adams. I have heard nothing but GREAT things about their products. I do however have stuff here and there as you can from other site (i.e. Sonax wheel cleaner, ferrets wheel brush, some CG stuff here and there)
You ALWAYS want to start with the rims, tires and fender wall first. To do this, I am using Sonax wheel cleaner, Adamsís fender/tire brush, ferretís wheel brush, and Adams bucket with grit guard.
I went with Sonax wheel cleaner because of all the write up I saw by Phil (especially this one ). Also, I have been reading about it everywhere and how amazing it is. Iím sure Adams wheel cleaner is pretty good but I wanted to try this.
Sprayed Sonax Wheel cleaner first. I spray mostly inside because I hand wash the outer spoke (and Sonax can get expansive so I use carefully).
Within 5 minute, Sonax turns purple and melts/removes all the brake dust/dirt etc off the wheel.
This is when I use the Feret brush to scrub the inside of the rim. Make sure you wear crappy clothes and goggles.
Rinse off with water! Look how clean!
Sonax does amazing job.
Time to tackle the tire wall. I simply used Adams car wash soap and water. Worked pretty well.
This brush is FANTASTIC for the fender and rear quarter panel. Works amazing. :tup:
Cleaning the front part of the rims with soap and water.
I highly recommend you to buy this brush. It makes it easy to wash the lugnut area. I WANTED to buy the Adams brush which is a little more $ but better built. But I was placing as order with Phil that day therefore I went with this one. Itís a great brush

AK370Z 06-03-2011 05:04 AM

Itís time to wash the car. I have been using two bucket wash since day 1 on the 370Z. Itís a great way to wash the car and reduce the chance of getting swirls. Also, using the grit guard eliminates the possibility even further.
Grit guard. Who knew this $7 item can save your car from unwanted swirls.
Two bucket wash. LolÖ. sorry Lowes had buckets on sale for $2.69! I had to get one.
Just got done washing the Z.
Time to dry it with this AWESOME drying towel. Iím used to using Pep boy stuff. So this to me was absolutely amazing. I have never seen a towel soak up so much water yet itís so soft. I went with Philís towel because it was on sale at the time ($14) and itís 24x36Ē instead of 24x26Ē Adams. However I have heard just as many good reviews about Adams waffle drying towel. You can go with either one.
Free advertisement ;)
Also I love how close the towel looks like Monterey Blue color :)

AK370Z 06-03-2011 05:06 AM
Itís time to take the contaminants off the clear coat by claying this car. This process was absolutely amazing. Itís my first time claying. I didnít know what to expect. But when my paint turned into glass like smooth and I took literally a layer of embedded dirt off the paint, it was a very rewarding experience. Two very rough, dirty, salty winters had put a toll on the clear coat.

Please note, if youíre doing the claying outside or doing it first time after a year or two, youíll need plenty of detail spray. I went through 2.5 bottles of it (16 oz bottles). So, please order a gallon if you donít want to be angry later on. Also, DO NOT use the dish soap water solution for clay lube. It will deteriorate the clay. If you canít afford Adams detail spray, there are plenty of cheap options out there. But using soap water will get you no where.
As per Adam Pitale (owner of adams), the best way to flatten a clay is the spray detail spray on the windshield and flatten it out on it.
Claying starts
How dirty was my car??? :eek: I was just amazed by how much dirt came off my Z. I drive it all year long in all weather condition. So, those of you drive your Z all year long, def. look into claying.
Z is all clayed. Detail spray is sitting on the Z here and there. I CAN technically start paint correcting if I want but I decided to wash the Z for a 2nd time.
haha Junkmanís little trick on how to guide the water hose without getting it stuck with tires! :tup:
Now itís ready to be paint corrected

AK370Z 06-03-2011 05:10 AM

One of the most annoying thing after you wash your car is the water that stays in the side mirror, rear taillights or headlight etc and as you drive away, they drop on your paint and ruin the finish/look. One of the ways to solve this problem is to buy the Adams Blaster Sidekick Adam's Blaster Sidekick by MetroVac or if you want a cheaper solution, use an electric blower like this one below:
cheap electric blower from Home Depot. As per Junkman, you gotta make sure you use electric blower. DO NOT use gasoline ones.

Paint Correction:
This is Adams new flexible backing plate that came with the PC. The previous one was yellow therefore it was easy to write with marker. But since itís black now, I simply took some white paint and painted a think white line. This line will be visible when I start correcting and I can see clearly if my pads are rotating enough or too much. :tup:
I taped up anything that MAY be in touch with the pads. Itís a good idea as removing those residue from the headlight or taillight MAY be troublesome.

I did a small test area first with the Swirl and Haze and fine machine polish and the end result was beautiful. It was amazing to see how beautiful the car CAN be. HOWEVER, it was almost 3:30pm. This means I had about 5-51/2 hours to finish my PC job. Which left me with NO choice but to use polish and machine super wax. I wanted to use swirl and haze remover but that would have taken me 6-7 hours+. Once the sun sets, I canít do it anymore. This is one of the huge drawbacks of not having a garage :(. However, the Monterey Blue color is SO forgiving and hides swirls so well, I was confident Iíd still get a VERY good result from just the fine machine polish and machine super wax.

Since I was running against the time, I really didnít take much pictures of the PC job. But you can follow Junkmanís or Adams instructions. Itís VERY easy.

JUNKMANís instructions:
Adamsís instructions: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
porter cable polishing: YouTube - ‪Adam's Polishes Vol. 7 - Chapter 15 - Porter Cable Polishing‬‏
Came out pretty good. :)

AK370Z 06-03-2011 05:13 AM

Day 2.

During day 1, it took me 11 hours straight to do the whole car from start to finish. I still had some touch up stuff to do. First thing I wanted to do was the windshield
RainX, glass cleaner and green glass towel. I have always liked rain-x. It’s cheap and easy to apply. There may be other products around but I have no complaint with Rainx.
This is the 4” kit. I used this kit to do the thin or short panels on the car. Things like outside a pillar, rear spoiler, or places where you don’t’ want to use massive 6” pad, you can use these with breeze. They are def worth the money. You can also use them with a drill and do severe spot correcting.
It’s time to polish the exhaust. I haven’t cleaned the exhaust in 5 months! It’s wasn’t easy to clean it. Adams metal polish always does a wonderful job cleaning the exhaust.
Start off with a soap and water wash.
Then use the metal polish to polish the exhaust canisters.
Ah.. it’s soo clean. Not bad for an year old exhaust that has seen snow and salt.
This is a gift that I had received from a friend. It’s called AUTOGLYM HD wax. It’s from England. I wasn’t sure how good this wax is until I saw Phil’s this detail thread: Detailer's Domain: Maserati Quattroporte S - Forums

I used this wax to seal all my cf stuff, door handles and anywhere I couldn’t use machine super wax with pad.
Autoglym HD applied.
Time to wash the microfiber towels. I use this solution from Chemical Guys. It’s an okay wash solution. There aren’t too many microfiber cleaning solution around hence I use it. I usually soak for a few hours and then use the washing machine.

As for tires, they were dressed with Super VRT :)

AK370Z 06-03-2011 05:15 AM

Final pictures:
Here’s how the Z looked. I was VERY happy with the way my Z turned out. Adams stuff were VERY easy to work with and their products def. works. I like how simple they make it for us novices and their products great for starting out/learning. I actually had 7 people either gave me thrumbs up or simple compliments on how great the car looked. Few congratulated me for buying a new car ( I went to a friends house) But I told them it’s more than 2 years old car! They def. was shocked.
More pics from a different point and shoot! I really need to buy a SLR or just flew in Patrick M. lol :)

Xan 06-03-2011 05:23 AM

And now keep it clean!

J/k great job AK!

ChrisSlicks 06-03-2011 09:41 AM

Congrats AK, the car looks brand new again.

geosZ 06-03-2011 09:52 AM

Wow good job. Now that takes time

FastPaced 06-03-2011 10:15 AM

Awesome Job, AK. Every time I see you DIY, it motivates me to do the same as I, too, am new to doing anything with my car. :tup:

fairladyZ34 06-03-2011 10:17 AM

Great Job and Great Write Up as usual! :tup:

Cmike2780 06-03-2011 10:27 AM

Great work AK and nice write up.

I had the same thing happen to me the first time doing paint correction. After washing and claying the entire car all morning and through lunch, I was pretty much exhausted by the afternoon. I used the swirl and haze on the hood followed by the fine polish. The rest of the car just got the fine polish treatment & wax. You don't realize how long this stuff really takes to do until you actually have to do it.
After realizing this, I've been correcting one area at a time (do one panel from clay to wax). Its a much easier meathod if you don't have a garage or pressed for time.

I think I'm gonna try that sonax wheel cleaner after seeing your wheels.

ZeeCar 06-03-2011 11:10 AM

Looks great!

I just finished spending about 17h detail my car this last weekend and im still not done. Wheels are coming off tomorrow to get cleaned/polished/sealed!

xohmx 06-03-2011 11:46 AM

Very nice thanks for the pic's!

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