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Junkman2008 06-02-2011 08:08 PM


Originally Posted by Methodical4u (Post 1148508)
hey junkman, great info you've given out here. I had a question. I'm not a wax guy... I like that candy apple effect of multiple layers of sealant.

My question is... I have Duragloss 105, as well as the Finish Kare 1000 and Blackfire wet diamond. I really do like the blackfire a whole lot, but the finish seems kind of soft. In the past I have put 5-7 layers on my old red Evo, and it always stayed looking great... I would add a layer here and there. The first 2 sealants I mentioned seemed to be a lot harder when it comes to keeping bird crap from getting through the sealant and it would basically just hose right off... but with multiple layers of the BF it didn't seem this was the case...

Would I be better off with doing 2 layers or so of the FK and then several top coats with the blackfire for the slickness or is there something else I can do?

By the way.. the car is pearl white.

Sorry my friend but I have no experience whatsoever with those products so I couldn't give you any credible advice on how to use them.

kree 06-02-2011 08:25 PM

Based on what I read about BFWD on another site, you basically are good using it by itself and putting something over it such as a wax will take away its slickness and some of its shine. You can put a wax over it like fk1000 from what I read, but it might not keep the same look of BFWD. All the threads I found said don't put BFWD over a wax,...only put it under a wax on freshly prepared paint (stripped down, no other products on it, freshly polished). But most said, prepare the paint properly and use BFWD after without wax to get the best effect out of BFWD.

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