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Junkman2008 07-03-2019 06:51 AM

Junkman's "Keyed Car Damage Repair Video"

This is a video of a friend's car that was keyed (for a second time). He's a real nice guy so I don't know why anyone would do this. The car has factory clear coat and paint on it so COMPLETELY removing the damage is out of the questions due to how thin the clear coat is. I would say that I removed 99% of the damage but played it safe and left what would have been too dangerous to remove because I wasn't using a paint thickness gauge. For the most part, no one will notice what's left unless they were looking for it.

The objective of fixing a keyed car is to make it look like it didn't happen. You may not in most cases be able to completely fix it (as is in this video), but you can atleast get it to the point where it looks 100% better. That's the goal I shoot for because repainting the car is a headache that I want to avoid.

I am NOT showing the complete repair process in this video because I am using advanced tools and I am pressed for time. But if you want to see the complete process, step by step, check out this video:

Notice that I use two different brands of products in this video. Why? Because TECHNIQUE trumps product 24/7/365. Until you understand this, you'll be buying a mess load of products and "chasing the shine" until you're broke. It's WHAT and HOW I do that is important. What I use is important to a degree but you can use the best products on earth with a lousy technique and your results will look like crap.

TECHNIQUE trumps product 24/7/365.

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